Why we are Oh So Different!

    The Lovely Gift Group Ltd launched in 2015 with the first website www.thelovelykeepsakecompany.co.uk.  Founder Helen Davies was inspired to find new and meaningful ways to keep memories and keepsakes safe to remember special times and people, after spending 10 weeks in Neo-natal Care with her premature twins. 

    What followed was unimaginable, with customers thrilled to find a company so passionate and understanding about savouring memories from events all through life, that the company now designs and manufactures two ranges of own brand products, operates 3 retail websites, 2 wholesale websites and manages affiliates as well as white label sites for popular retailers. 

    One of the most rewarding collections from the start was always the keepsakes dedicated to pets!  Whether they are special ways to remember a much loved but lost fur baby, or special places to keep puppy momentoes, our Pet Keepsakes were so popular that creating our own designs and ideas was the obvious step. 

    'Oh So Precious' launched in 2022 as a dedicated brand to make pet keepsakes and memorials more accessible through exclusive sales channels where pet owners often find themselves: vet practices, pet retail stores, rehoming sanctuaries and dedicated online stores. 

    Rather than be morbid, we firmly believe that keepsakes should be thought about, created and purchased throughout life, rather than when it is too late. 

    One of our Oh So Precious mantras is to support pet owners to think about carefully preparing for when the time comes and starting to collect and treasure keepsakes in happier times. 

    From the outset, showing we understand the significance of the moments or memories behind each purchase was extremely important to us, therefore we only stock gifts of the highest quality and only work with businesses that deliver a caring customer experience.

    Our team takes time and great care to find businesses best suited to sell the most beautiful, innovative keepsakes and help customers get the most out of our products.

    We are extremely proud of the feedback from our customers on the quality of our keepsakes and compliments our understanding of what these mean to them.

    Perhaps most importantly, we 100% understand that no matter what the product in our collection there is a story, an emotion and an importance behind it, which is what makes our job in creating them for you, so uniquely special and worthwhile.

    We understand that every fur baby keepsake will always be oh so precious.