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Other Pet Care Providers

There are so many entrepreneurs or small businesses concerned with Pet Care with many driven by their overwhelming love for animals and passion to work with them. 

Oh So Precious is an honest, non competing range of products that perfectly complements most small pet business operations and provides an additional revenue opportunity. 

Businesses that would benefit from adding the Oh So Precious range include: dog walkers, daycare centres, pet sitters, boarding kennels, exercise field owners, handmade dog gifts creators, behaviourists, dog trainers, specialist trainers, socialisers, animal charity rehoming centres and others. 

Even if you don't have space or funds to buy and display stock, you can offer the items on your website, and even offer personalised keepsakes to your customers. 


A wonderful way to increase income from your existing client list without any hard sell or competing with any other product you may currently retail. 

Oh So Precious is a complimentary way to increase opportunity through your existing service and client base by doing very little.  You can also offer the products through your website, with personalised options too.

Pet owners currently buy some of these gifts from online market places or craftspeople but you now have the opportunity to sell them in your store or on your website. 


There are so many benefits to your business in offering Oh So Precious:

  • a perfectly complementary extension to the service you provide
  • a much needed additional profit stream from existing customers
  • easy to reorder stock online
  • demonstrate empathy for the customer and treasured pet client

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