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Vets & Veterinary Practices

We know you are in the primary business to care for pets and their owners but we firmly believe that offering customers these keepsakes and memorial gift opportunities enhances your service to them as well as providing a welcome additional revenue stream.

The Oh So Precious range works extremely well from physical vet practices but can also enhance your website with online sales.  This is very easy to establish and our team can work with you to set this up quickly. 

Pet care is paramount but profit for your business is important too. We understand the commercial strains many veterinary practices are under these day, with many saturated and unable to take on more clients.  Oh So Precious is a complimentary way to increase opportunity through your existing client base. 

Pet owners currently buy some of these gifts from online market places or craftspeople but you could boost your bottom line with these appropriate and relevant sales opportunities through your own establishment.

Often a veterinary practice can be one step before saying goodbye to a pet, whether the owner is prepared or not, so we have carefully designed items that could familiarise the owners with keepsake ideas on every visit to a vet practice through a pet's life. 

At every visit from early injections, through to worming, flea treatment or grooming, your client's owners will become more and more used to thinking about ways to preserve memories of their dog or cat as they see the stand of Oh So Precious products. 


There are so many benefits to veterinary practices in stocking and offering Oh So Precious:

  • a much needed additional profit stream 
  • turning a negative into a positive by offering well presented fur bottles or ink pads should a pet need to be put to sleep
  • a complimentary extension to the service you provide
  • our product displays can be wall mounted, counter top or on a stand so you can still sweep and mop your waiting areas
  • all our displays come with informative literature to help educate owners on the importance of planning 
  • all products have prices and bar codes so can easily work with your EPOS system 
  • all products are packaged to be able to stack easily or sit on euroslot hangers
  • easy to reorder stock online

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