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Cemeteries & Crematoriums

As the final resting place for many pets, cemeteries and crematoriums are a comfortable place for owners to consider keepsakes or memorial. 

Some product listings wouldn't be appropriate but the Oh So Precious range has carefully curated items that would be complimentary to the service you offer and would be well received by recently bereaved owners. 

Keepsakes and Memorials will extend your offer to customers, extend your relationship with them with well thought out and quality products, and provide a welcome additional revenue stream.

The Oh So Precious range works extremely well in your receptions with strong packaging designed to be displayed on shelves or euro hooks on our Free Standing Display Units available.   The range would also work extremely well on your website.


There are so many benefits for you in stocking and offering Oh So Precious:

  • a much needed additional profit stream from existing customers
  • a complimentary extension to the service you provide
  • all our displays come with informative literature to help educate owners on the importance of planning 
  • all products have prices and bar codes so can easily work with your EPOS system 
  • all products are packaged to be able to stack easily or sit on euroslot hangers
  • easy to reorder stock online
  • extensive copy content opportunities for literature, leaflets, in store magazine, eshots or blogging about comfort following bereavement and the reward in keepsakes.

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