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Giving owners and new pets a great start together is your prime concern and Oh So Precious gives you a range of gifts that can help you do just that. 

The range of keepsakes gifts will provide an additional, complimentary revenue stream for you that will also enrich the experience of adopting their new family member for the owner.  Providing thoughtful keepsake ideas that they may not have thought about to remember the early months of their pet's life will be a welcome addition to your service. 

Oh So Precious is a complimentary way to increase opportunity through your existing service and client base by doing very little.  You can offer the products either through your website or by showing new families physical products when they collect their pet. 

Pet owners currently buy some of these gifts from online market places or craftspeople but you now have the opportunity to sell them in your store or on your website. 


There are so many benefits to Breeders in offering Oh So Precious:

  • a much needed additional profit stream from existing customers
  • a complimentary extension to the service you provide
  • easy to reorder stock online
  • don't have to buy standing stock, can simply take orders online and we will send the product to you or your cusomer

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