The most loving dog breeds this Valentines

According to canine behaviourist Kamal Fernandez (Daily Mail 6.2.22) there are some four legged companions that will be more loving than most this Valentines!

According to Kamal there are 9 doggies who will want the most TLC, give the best smooches and are the most affectionate breeds.

'Labradors are known for their sensitive and affectionate nature,' the behaviourist said. 

'They're great with other pets and children, and thrive when they feel like a member of the family.'

Kamal also said love and loyalty is inherent instinct to Labradors.

He continued: 'It's their natural instinct to love and protect their own.'

'Cocker spaniels are known for having ever-wagging tails,' the expert said. 

'They're super friendly and are very affectionate.'

Kamal added that the connection is even stronger with their owners, 'with whom they form close bonds'.


Kamal praises these 'incredibly loving' Golden Retrievers as 'people pleasers'. 

'Nothing makes them happier than cuddling their loved ones,' he said. 'Golden retrievers are one of the most affectionate, gentle, and soft-natured breeds.

'As they say, money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a golden retriever!'

Anyone who has Springer Spaniels knows how energetic and lively these breeds are. 

And Kamal says they love just as strongly, enjoying snuggles and affection with people.

The behaviourist also remarked on these dogs' trust in the people they love. 

'They're also very loyal and enjoy being close to their owners,' he added.

Despite stigmas associated with this breed, Kamal stressed that Staffordshire Bull Terriers have a lot of love to give.

He said they 'might not always get along with other dogs, but they're very loving around people'.

A little patience with these pups could mean many snuggles. 

'With a little patience and love, they can be some of the most affectionate dogs,' the expert added.

It will come as no surprise that German Shepherds are gentle, protective giants are big softies.

They are 'very intelligent and show a lot of affection towards their owners', the expert said.

'You can count on them for a good cuddle!'

Kamal says Australian Shepherds 'playful, loving' creatures make for excellent cuddlers.

They may even jump onto their owner just to sneak a hug.

'They form bonds quickly,' Kamal added. 'And enjoy being affectionate.'

Hungarian Vizslas are 'fearless' dogs who are deeply loving and affectionate because of the special bond they have with their owner. 

'Hungarian Vizslas are gentle, very affectionate, sensitive,' the dog expert explained.

'They will cuddle as often as possible.'

He added: 'It's said that having a vizsla is like having a shadow because they love to be close and follow you around!'

It's stereotyped that Chihuahuas are sweet little dogs and demand lots of attention - so it make come as no surprise that this involves hugs too. 

Kamal said: 'Chihuahuas love being stroked, carried, hugged, and will often rest on you and nuzzle to show affection, whilst giving kisses by licking your hand. 

'Although, they can pick favourites and will be most affectionate towards those they feel closest to!'

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