NOW! Just three little letters but don't ignore them!

This time it's not three little words that could have the most important impact on your life, but three little letters!  N. O. W

It doesn't take Einstein to know that together they spell the word Now, but it seems it might only be geniuses that act upon them. 

Whilst we are quick to whip out the ink pad as soon as our babies are born for prints of those teeny tiny fingers and toes, we seem only to think about taking paw prints of our four legged family members when they are nearing the end of their lives, or, even after they have passed!

Take them now!  Do it today!  Remember those three little letters: N. O. W. 

In just the last month I have had a dear friend thank me for giving her a paw print just before Christmas and encouraging her to take prints of her cat and puppy, as she'd recently tragically lost her cat Gerty in a car accident.  A loss obviously unexpected but made a little bit easier having taken her prints and having that comforting memory.  And just recently my best friend had the worst news about her gorgeous little Norfolk Terrier, who is less than 5 years old, and has asked us to send some pawprint kits to her.  

We always say life is too short to wait for the perfect time to create your cherished keepsakes of your pet.  Accidents happen, illness occurs and sadly, whilst we all only want to think happy thoughts, they will leave us one day.  

Three little letters might change to several sets of three little words.  Do Not Wait. Take Them Now. Make Those Prints.....and ensure you can Savour Those Memories. 

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